Waterfront Development

The Town of Deseronto was considering alternatives for the development of waterfront property and adjacent open spaces along Deseronto’s shoreline for a number of years, beginning with the completion of preliminary and detailed follow up waterfront development studies in 1987 and 2005. The final recommendations of both studies concluded that a similar mixture of development initiatives including residential, commercial, marina and related recreation facilities were of great economic benefit to the municipality. To facilitate development activities, the Town initiated a Waterfront Development Feasibility Study in 2011 to assess the economic viability of a marina and related waterfront developments. The feasibility study concluded that a number of waterfront developments would facilitate economic growth for the municipality. In response, the Municipality initiated a study under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act to investigate the potential of a mixture of waterfront developments on the Bay of Quinte.

Information related to the waterfront development project is provided below.

Waterfront/Marina Development Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference

Waterfront/Marina Development Feasibility Study

The Town retained the services of a consultant in September of 2011 to complete a waterfront development feasibility and economic impact study. The study provides a detailed assessment of potential waterfront development sites and alternatives, market and financial analysis, and forecast of resulting economic impacts. The completed study presents recommendations for a number of developments along Deseronto’s waterfront would be economically viable and greatly enhance the community’s waterfront lands and quality of life through improved public waterfront access, recreation amenities and investment attraction capabilities the development will generate. The study was approved and adopted by Deseronto Council in October 2012. 

Feasibility Study Final Report 

Feasibility Study Key Figures & Maps 

Related Plans and Studies