Recycling and Waste

Waste Connections of Canada provides waste/recycling collection services for the Town of Deseronto. The Garbage/Recycling curbside pick-up is Fridays. Bag tags can be purchased at the Town Hall or various other participating locations in Town.

2019 Garbage & Recycling Schedule
Acceptable Recyclable Items

Disposal Locations

Reusable Item Disposal
Land Fills

Electronic and Metal Waste
Hazardous Waste Disposal

Waste & Garbage Disposal Guidelines

  • Curbside pick-up of waste & recycling occurs Tuesday of each week. Items should be placed by the roadside no later than 7:00am to ensure pick-up. The collection of recyclables alternates between paper/cardboard and plastic/metal/glass products each week.

  • A complete bag tag must be attached to each garbage bag to ensure pick-up. Tags can be purchased for $2.00 each from the Town Hall and participating Deseronto convenience/grocery stores.

  • Your garbage bag should not weigh more than forty (40) lbs when full.

  • Place recyclables loosely in a recycling bin..

  • Flatten for improved space, remove staples & tape, bundle cardboard no larger than 36 X 24 X 8 and place it beside your recycling bin.

  • All excess food/liquids must be cleaned off recyclable products.

  • Your recycling bin should not weigh more than thirty (30) lbs when full.

  • Return empty alcoholic beverage glass bottles for refund to the ‘Beer Store – Empty Bottle Dealer’.

  • Unacceptable items should be disposed of with your regular garbage.

  • For more information contact the Town Hall at 331 Main St., 613-396-2440

Missed Collection

Waste collection contractors operate between 7am – 5pm; please wait until after 5pm to report a missed collection. If your waste/recycling was not collected, please ensure you have the correct recyclables out for pick up and that your garbage is properly tagged. Once you confirm your waste/recyclables are tagged and placed correctly, call the following number to report missed collections: 613-396-2440

Leaf/Brush Collection

Fall Leaf Clean-Up
The Town of Deseronto holds an annual Fall Leaf Clean-Up day where leaves are collected from all Town of Deseronto residents. Leaves are to be raked to the edge of the Municipal roadway. Do not include branches or tree limbs with the leaves, as they will not be collected. Do not place leaves in boxes or bags.

Spring Leaf/Brush Clean-Up
The Town of Deseronto holds an annual Spring Clean-Up day where residents can drop off their unwanted items and yard waste. Items accepted include: Old furniture; household items; appliances, construction/demolition materials; Brush/Burnable Yard Waste, including tree branches; E-Waste including printers, computers, TV’s; and old tires. Curbside pick-up of waste is not available.