Retail Cannabis Survey

The Cannabis Act (Bill C45) came into effect on October 17, 2018. This is a law that legalizes recreational cannabis usage nationwide. 

The provincial government has committed to allowing private recreational cannabis retail stores throughout Ontario starting April 1, 2019. Cannabis stores will be considered like any other type of retail storefront and operate under Ontario Regulation 468.19. 

This survey is meant to collect feedback from the public regarding the potential for having cannabis retail stores in our community. 

Paper copies of this survey are available at the Town Hall.

This survey will be available until January 8, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

Age *
Are you aware that the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario will oversee the licensing process for retail cannabis stores? *
Are you aware that if a store wants to open in our community, and a license is applied for, that you will have an opportunity for public input with the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario? *
Did you know that the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation operated by the Province of Ontario is the only legal distributor for wholesale cannabis retailers? *
Did you know that provincial regulations include a 150-meter buffer area for cannabis stores to keep them separated from schools? *
Are you aware that there may be significant funding from the province of Ontario to communities which permit retails stores and that this funding could support many infrastructure projects within communities? *
Are you open to the idea of a retail store selling recreational cannabis in your community? *
Through their online retail website, the Ontario Cannabis Store ( is currently the only legal seller of cannabis in Ontario. Have you visited or ordered through since legalization? *
Do you have concerns about a recreational cannabis storefront opening in Deseronto? *
Can you see yourself shopping at a retail location that sells cannabis? *