Effective Contact with the OPP

In an Emergency Please Call 911

Engaging the OPP

Residents can log a complaint online at https://www.opp.ca/ or call 1-888- 310-1122 to advise the OPP of what they have seen. An occurrence will be generated within their Reporting Management System and an officer will be assigned to investigate the call.

Reporting an incident will greatly assist as it allows the OPP to analyse trends to help better determine our needs and appropriate Service levels for our community.

The Town recognizes there is an issue with some inconsiderate ATV/Dirt Bike drivers causing damage to property and driving recklessly. We are working to resolve this and need your help. Please contact the OPP if you have specific concerns or knowledge about these incidents.

The police do not always need to see the offending behaviours themselves. If evidence and witness statements are submitted that identifies the operator and an infraction, the OPP may be able to lay charges.

Reporting an Incident

Non-emergency calls

Please call: 1 888 310-1122 / 1 888 310-1133 (TTY)
Anywhere in Ontario, 24-hour toll free

  • Lost/missing property under $5,000

  • Stolen license plates or validation stickers

  • Theft from a vehicle under $5,000

  • Mischief to a vehicle under $5,000

  • Mischief (damage to property other than a vehicle) under $5,000

  • Theft under $5,000 Driving Complaints/ ATV