By-Law Enforcement and Complaints

  • The Town operates primarily on a complaint driven process for our municipal by-law enforcement with the exception of a violation that is an immediate threat to health or safety or of greater public concern. We are currently reviewing delivery models to ensure adequate coverage for our Community is achieved.

  • By law enforcement will respond to complaints received from a complainant who provides their full name, telephone number, address and nature of the complaint in writing. Anonymous, incomplete or vexatious complaints will not be investigated. Complaint forms can be found at or can be picked up at the Town Hall.

  • Names and any personal information provided by the complainant will remain in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and shall not be intentionally divulged to any member of Council, non-essential municipal staff, the public or media unless so ordered by a Court or other tribunal or body of competent jurisdiction.

  • The Ontario Provincial Police are responsible for emergency situations and should be contacted to deal with issues, including but not limited to loitering, trespassing, noise related neighbor or domestic disputes, traffic related, vandalism or other possible criminal activity.

  • Public concerns about programs, services or operations will be forwarded to the appropriate department head. Individuals will be required to provide as much information as possible about the issue as well as their name and contact information. An acknowledgement of your complaint and a resolution or update can be expected within 20 days.

Reminder: Be Courteous to your Friends and Neighbours.

Please pick up after your animals.


Help Keep Deseronto Looking Beautiful

The Town of Deseronto has a Property Standards By-Law.

Lawns, hedges and bushes shall be kept trimmed to a suitable height and shall not be overgrown or unsightly.

All yards and vacant lots shall be kept clear of derelict vehicles and free from rubbish, garbage or other debris that may attract pests or create a health, fire or accident hazard.

Burn Permits

To obtain a burn permit, please contact the Town Hall or visit our website for details.