Crosswalk Installation Completed.

Public Works staff have completed the installation of the new crosswalk at Main and Centre. Council is pleased to be able to provide this improvement with the help of the Province through a Main Street Revitalization Grant.  As part of a larger commitment to accessibility, revitalization and safety. This project features:

  • Light green day glow advisory signs for the crosswalk, 25 meters ahead of the crosswalk as a warning to drivers and cyclists.

  • Foot sense pads have been embedded in the sidewalk as a tell for those with visual or hearing issues to improve accessibility .

  • A push button on each side of the crosswalk that activates the two white crosswalk signs to light up, as this will alert oncoming traffic.

Council and staff have been working collaboratively with the OPP to implement various traffic calming measures and safety features in and around Town. Council has made safety one of their key priorities and will continue to work towards finding the right coverage for our Community.

Build Deseronto Highlights

✓  Water and Sewer Plant Upgrades have been completed – The new facilitity has a state-of-the-art system capable of handling the development needs of our community

✓  College Street Rehabilitation – This includes replacement of old water mains, installation of proper storm drainage and resurfacing of the road. The call for tenders is due June 19th and we will have further information about when construction will start after the contractor is selected.

✓  Main Street Revitalization – Improvements to include a digital communication sign, Town Hall façade improvements, a pedestrian crossing, hanging flower baskets, a bike rack, Gazebo lighting and benches and new trees.

✓  Update from Hospital Foundation New Medical Centre - The site has been excavated; footings and foundations poured; floor and exterior walls constructed, and interior walls framed. Roof will be completed and the interior space sheltered from the elements. Shingling of the roof and installing siding, windows and doors will be the next priority. Plumbing and electrical will be carried out concurrently with the finish carpentry. Ground leveling, landscaping and paving will be done as the final phase of the project. They expect that the site will be completed by mid-August at the latest.

✓  Communications and Community Events Coordinator – Hiring a Part-time person to plan and promote events and recreation programs for the Community in conjunction with a proposed new Culture and Recreation Committee.