Yes. Condominiums are a form of property ownership in which title to a unit, such as an individual apartment in a high-rise building, is held by an individual together with a share of the rest of the property, which is common to all of the owners. Condominiums can involve a brand new development, or an existing rental project which is converted to condominium ownership. They can apply to any type of residential building as well as commercial and industrial areas.

A condominium plan is like a plan of subdivision in that it is a way of dividing property. Similarly, plans of condominium must be approved, or in some cases granted an exemption from approval, by an approval authority.

Some applications for approval of condominium descriptions are not subject to the requirements of giving notice of application and holding a public meeting. Vacant land or common elements condominium are subject to notification requirements. Regardless of the type of condominium proposed, the approval authority is still required to give a notice of a decision to approve a condominium description. The 20-day appeal period following the notice of decision applies.

Condominium applications are made to the Hastings County Planning department. The fee for processing subdivision/condominium applications ranges from $3,000 - $6,000.

The condominium application can be found here.