“Consent” is a term used in provincial planning legislation (Ontario Planning Act) to describe the approval required to subdivide land without the requirement of a plan of subdivision. It is most commonly used to sever an existing lot or parcel into more than one lot. The consent process follows the rules and regulations of the Planning Act. If the two parts are already naturally split, by a road or railway for example, then consent is not required.The municipality, in its official plan, has specific policies and requirements for land severance. In addition to the division of land into building lots, right-of-ways, and easements; any change to your existing property boundaries will also require land severance approval. If several severances are intended in the same area, a plan of subdivision may be more appropriate. It is up to the severance granting authority for the Town of Deseronto to decide whether a consent is the best approach, or if a plan of subdivision is necessary for the proper and orderly development of your land and overall community.

Reasons to Apply for Consent To divide (sever) land to create a new building lot. You may not be able to sever more than two new lots from an original parcel or without a Plan of Subdivision and in certain areas no consent may be available if two consents have already been granted from the original parcel - discuss this with a Planner.

  • To register a mortgage or to discharge a mortgage on a part of a parcel of land.
  • To register a lease for a term of 21 years or more including renewal options.
  • To register an easement or a right-of-way.
  • To add land from your parcel as a lot addition to an abutting parcel of land. The lot addition must merge in title.
  • To adjust a lot boundary in an existing Plan of Subdivision. This does not create a new building lot.
  • To Validate Title to a parcel of land conveyed without Planning Act approval - Section 57 of the Planning Act. This requires a separate application form and will only be used where the original parties are not available to sign an application for Consent to the lot.
  • For an action under a Power of Sale for a part of a lot - Section 50(18) of the Planning Act. This requires a separate application form.