If you are concerned about a draft plan of subdivision that may affect you:

  • find out as much as possible about the draft plan
  • go to the public meeting and give your opinions
  • discuss your concerns with the approval authority
  • write the approval authority.

Your opinions should be clearly expressed to the approval authority by making an oral submission at the public meeting and/or a written submission to the approval authority before a draft plan of subdivision is approved. Failure to make a submission means that you do not qualify to appeal the draft subdivision plan approval. In addition, you should also make a written request if you want to be notified of any change to the conditions attached to a draft approval and to protect your appeal rights.

If you have any concerns, you should make sure that you let the approval authority know about them early in the process. The approval authority will then have time to think about what you said and may make changes before the draft plan of subdivision is approved.