If you are thinking about subdividing your property, you should consult with the Economic Development or Clerk’s department to correspond with the Hastings County Planning Department. The Hastings County Planning department is responsible for processing applications for land transactions which require consent/land severance or plan of subdivision/condominium approval. County Planning can tell you what information, including any special studies, you will need to provide and whether the local official plan and/or zoning by-law provide for your subdivision to be allowed or if further review as to its suitability is necessary. Subdivision applications are made to the Hastings County Planning department. The fee for processing subdivision/condominium applications ranges from $3,000 - $6,000 (dependent on number). The subdivision application can be found under the Applications & Forms section above. A typical application form contains both the information identified by Minister’s regulation as well as other information required by the municipality. The more information provided, the less likely delays will occur in the review.

The approval authority may refuse to accept an incomplete application. If an approval authority confirms that an application is incomplete and you, the applicant, disagree with the decision, you have 30 days to make a motion to the Ontario Municipal Board for a determination on the matter. The Board’s decision is final. You should be aware that if you do not provide all the information identified by Minister’s regulation and the County official plan, the approval authority may refuse to accept or consider your application. The 180-day time frame for making a decision also does not start. When all the identified and, if applicable, additional information is received, then the 180-day time frame begins. You are encouraged to contact the appropriate approval authority if you need help in assessing what information is required.

The approval authority, or in some cases the municipality in which the proposal is located, must give notice of the application and hold a public meeting before a decision is made. Notice of the public meeting is given at least 14 days in advance, either through local newspapers or by mail and posted notice. Anyone present at the meeting has a right to speak about the proposal.

The approval authority may consult with agencies, boards, authorities or commissions before making a decision.