A registered plan of subdivision is a legal document that shows:

  • the exact surveyed boundaries and dimensions of lots on which houses or buildings are to be built
  • the location, width and names of streets
  • the sites of any schools or parks.

The plan does not show specific building locations; the rules for locating buildings are set out in the zoning by-law and shown on plans as part of site plan approval.

The plan of subdivision must be:

  • surveyed by an Ontario land surveyor
  • in general conformity with the Hastings County official plan as well as provincial policies
  • approved by the proper authority
  • registered in the local land registry system.

A registered plan of subdivision creates new, separate parcels of land and can be legally used for the sale of lots. It should not be confused with “compiled plans” or “reference plans” which are used simply to describe parcels of land.