Prior to applying for a consent you should consult with the Deseronto Economic Development or Clerk’s department to initiate the process on your behalf with the Hastings County Planning Department. The Hastings County Planning department is responsible for processing applications for land transactions which require consent/land severance or plan of subdivision/condominium approval. Hastings County Planning will then assist with the application process, advise what supporting materials must be submitted (e.g.: sketches, plans) and discuss special land severance requirements set out in the County official plan and Deseronto zoning by-law.Consent applications are made to the Hastings County Planning department. The fee for processing consent applications is $800.00.

The consent application can be found under the Applications & Forms section.

In accordance with the Ontario Planning Act, upon receipt of a complete application for consent, the approval authority for the Town of Deseronto provides notice of receipt of the application to anyone who may be affected by your consent proposal (property owners within 60 metres of the subject property). A public notice is also advertised using local media outlets. The approval authority is also required to provide notice to a prescribed list of government and private agencies to give them an opportunity to review the application and to make comments to the approval authority prior to granting a decision on the application.

When the approval authority has granted a decision on your application, it is required to send a Notice of Decision (within 15 days of the date of decision) to the applicant and to anyone else who has asked to be notified.